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Oracle has released a beta version of NetBeans 7.2

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Oracle on Friday released a beta version of its free software development environment NetBeans 7.2, which received support for the latest versions of PHP and C + +. In addition, NetBeans 7.2 offers new capabilities for rapid deployment of software in the Oracle Public Cloud, located now at the stage of the preview version, and in the Amazon Beanstalk.

As reported by Oracle, a complete version, recommended for industrial use, should be out in July this year. Note that NetBeans is one of the two Java IDE, promoted by Oracle. NetBeans is positioned as a solution for developers who want to work with the latest Java-functions. In NetBeans there is scope for creating Java-based applications targeted for use on desktop computers, servers, and web-based environment. NetBeans is also can be used to develop applications in PHP and C / C + +, and in addition to the array of JVM-languages ??such as Scala and Groovy.

In version 7.2 has just been improved support for PHP, in fact, NetBeans 7.2 was the first in which functions are supported PHP 5.4 with the updated syntax. In addition, it offers the first built-in PHP-server that allows you to check the written codes without having to download them to a third-party Web server.

Also updated and support for C + + 11. Now the programmers here can fully implement projects in a given version of the popular programming language. Has been updated and a debugger for C + + 11 and the core functionality of NetBeans, associated with the C + +.

Of course, there are some innovations that have appeared for Java. Here, in particular, a new viewing mode called Reduced Tree. It allows you to view only certain subfolders of the project development, and in addition it offers a logical linking of folders, based on the functionality of the code files in the file.

NetBeans 7.2 runs on any platform that is running the virtual machine Java, in particular on the Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X.