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Windows 8 will receive advanced networking capabilities – Microsoft

Microsoft said that in a future operating system, Windows 8 it is going to greatly simplify and automate the installation and connection to wireless broadband connection. In the corporate blog 8 Building Windows Program Manager Microsoft Devices and Networking Group Billy Anders wrote that the future flagship operating system gets a lot of new tools that allow ordinary users to simplify connecting to networks, as well as to circumvent issues that traditionally cause the greatest difficulties in organizing a network of exchange. According to him, now Microsoft is working with a variety of hardware vendors and a variety of network services to Internet service providers and independent programmers to create automated solutions that would help ordinary users with minimal manipulation to connect to networks.

The company also says that creates customized solutions that will eliminate the need to download third-party software to work with network services. “We are already working with many mobile operators and our partners in the field of mobile network equipment to develop new specifications that would be the hardware manufacturers to embed into their products to automatically connect to networks, “- said Anders. “In Windows 8, we have developed a class of embedded mobile broadband drivers that work with all modern facilities and eliminate the need for additional installation of supporting software. In addition, Windows 8 will be the first operating system, which will include a built-in tools for managing your wireless radio. Instead of relying on software manufacturers WiFi-and Bluetooth-cards, you can only work with the operating system and directly control a network device from the Windows “, – he said. Also, Windows 8 will receive a special mode Airplane Mode, the OS automatically blocks all wireless traffic. It is obvious that Windows 8 will receive a lot of new artists and to connect to various networks. Recall that the release of Windows 8 is scheduled for autumn 2012, but several independent experts believe that in view of the magnitude of innovations the operating system may appear early in 2013.

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