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Windows 8 will get back “Start” menu

New comprehensive update to Windows 8/RT, Windows Server 2012, Windows Phone 8 and cloud Outlook.com called SkyDrive Windows Blue appears in the middle of this year. One of the purposes of this update is to optimize the work and the interest of the users of the operating system from Microsoft.

Windows 8

As requested by users of Windows 8, developers will return to the usual “Start” menu, which is present in previous versions of Windows. Recall that in the newest version of Windows “Start” button has been replaced by a screen with “live” tiles that reflect the application. This change is suitable for users of devices with touch screens, however for the management of the mouse on the laptop or PC this interface is not as practical.

According to the Net Applications, the share of Windows 8 operating system in the market is growing , but the demand has not met projections. One reason for this was just a new interface. In February of this year, Windows 8 had 2.67% of the OS market, which is slightly higher than the January result of 2.26%. The most popular are still in earlier versions of Windows 7 (44.55%) and Windows XP (38.99%).

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