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Windows 8 will be presented to update feature and reset system

New features in Windows 8 will return to factory settings without losing user data.

Representatives of Microsoft introduced two new features of OS Windows8, which will restore the factory settings without losing user data.

With the function update (refresh) it will be possible to reinstall Windows without losing all the user data, settings and important applications. Function of the so-called reset (reset) will reset the system, but does not remove user data, settings and applications.

Application developers have reported that with the full reset Windows 8 to default settings if necessary, data and applications can be restored, but this would require additional operations.

The upgrade option is designed to address several problems in the operating system without losing user data. Before starting this function, pre-backup is not required. Moreover, users do not have to maintain separate accounts and personal settings after upgrading all the data remains in their original places. In addition, after the update, applications that use the Metro-interface, but the traditional application must be installed manually.

Learn more about the new features of Windows 8, you can here.

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