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Windows 8 wants to make the procedure to install updates less painful

The next version of the Windows operating system from Microsoft will change designed to make automatic updates are not so annoying, eliminating the pop-up notification and reducing the number of computer restarts.

In the blog, Microsoft Program Manager of Windows Update Faranza Rahman said that the coming Windows 8 will consolidate all reset to be performed within one month, and synchronize them with the regular release of the second Tuesday of each month.

“This means that your PC will restart only after the security update installed and require a reboot,” – she wrote. “With the introduction of this innovation, it is not important when the updates require a restart during the month are available, as these will be reset to wait for the issued security updates.”

Windows 8 will also eliminate pop-up windows and dialog boxes that appear until you reboot, and instead display a notice on the login screen. Notification will enable users for three days to restart the computer after installation and upgrade. If the machine was not switched off or rebooted at the time and Windows Update did not find any running mission-critical applications, the computer will automatically restart.

If the applications are running in the background, or potentially have unsaved data, users will see a message when logging in with a request to keep their jobs, along with a warning that the machine will be restarted within 15 minutes.

Options to turn off the Windows lokskrine also change, they will offer a choice “Update and restart” and “Update and finalize” as soon as there was an update.

Rahman explained that engineers have come to these changes after reviewing habits of millions of users related to upgrades.A week later 90% of users whose computers need to be updated, has successfully completed the installation, including any reboot. About 39% of Windows 7 users prefer to have their updates were installed just before the closing of their systems, and another 30% allow the operating system to reboot the PC as needed.

“Allow the computer to reboot without user intervention helped us to quickly update the main part of the Windows ecosystem critical apdeytami” – she wrote. “On average, a week after the release of the critical update is set at 90% of computers.”

These improvements are likely, are good news for users who do not want to see interference when using their computers to watch movies, play games or work. The bad news is that there are no changes to the Windows update patches from third parties.

“A wide range of delivery mechanisms, tool set and common approaches to upgrades for the entire range of applications makes it impossible to install all the updates through this mechanism,” – said Rahman. “No matter how sad it is, it is also an important part of the ecosystem, we can not simply rolled forward to the installed base of software.”

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