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Windows 8 Update is changing course to 180 degrees

Microsoft is preparing a release of an updated version of Windows 8.1 with a change of the “key elements” of the operating system. This was said by the head of marketing and finance of Windows Tami Reller in an interview with Financial Times . She explained that refers to the “key aspects” of how to use an operating system, but declined to give further details.

The changes are caused by difficulties encountered by users of Windows 8. Microsoft has conducted a study and found that some aspects of the interface are not very convenient for most people, “there is definitely a learning curve,” – explained Tami Reller, speaking about the difficulties with retraining users.


At the same time, independent analysts believe that this is the biggest change in strategy in the history of corporate America since the collapse of the new Coca-Cola 30 years ago. Then Coca-Cola Company took three months to abandon the new formula of the drink, and Microsoft’s now needed more than six months. In both cases, corporations are forced to take such a radical move under the influence of public opinion.

Analysts suggest that a change of course and admission of error would be a serious blow to the credibility of Steve Ballmer. “Awful, when this happens to your flagship product – says independent analyst of the IT market in an interview with Mark Anderson FT. – But he [Steve Ballmer] is also responsible for the revival, the revival of the company. Here, a certain level of risk and creativity, which could not have been two years ago. ”

The original design of Windows 8 was an attempt to combine the familiar interface of a desktop computer with the interface of tablet. Even before the release of the new system, Tim Cook said that this is like trying to combine a toaster and a fridge: it is technically possible, but unlikely to appeal to people.

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