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Windows 8: The main disappointment of the year

Experts of technological institutions consider the new version of the Windows operating system failure.

Publication CIO Journal decided to conduct a survey of users about the new operating system Windows 8, in order to find out whether they are satisfied with the innovative edition.

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According to the respondents, Windows 8 has attracted more attention than any other software, released this year. According to the creators, the OS provided for users familiar Windows environment with the expectation of touch tablets and ultrabooks. Even before the launch of the product widely an active testing of the OS was done. Thus, one of the first institutes of technology, which had a new operating system became Seton Hall University and the company British Telecom. Their feedback was very positive – institutions have even begun the deployment of the official release.

As it turned out, not all companies set up as well – many experts were dissatisfied. For example, John Meyers from Boston University Medical Center believes that new retail stores of Microsoft are very similar to App Store.

Note that the chief marketing officer for Windows Vizzer Erwin (Erwin Visser) does not see anything wrong in the indignation of some individuals. According to him, the demand for Windows 8 is consistent with expectations:

Working directly with customers and examining reports of major analytical agencies, we concluded that large organizations usually within 9-18 months perform the deployment strategy of products using this time to test, testing and planning before the widespread introduction of the new operating system .

Some technologists noted that the operating system detected slowness and recalcitrance.

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