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Windows 8 supports voice calls

The Windows operating system 8 can support voice calls, such an assumption was made ??after the session BUILD 2011 last week. Dialogue on the slides was lit «Missed Calls»-style Windows Phone 7 with the time and date of the last incoming voice calls. However, we can make mistakes, and this feature is associated with VoIP, or even with some form of call management in conjunction Smartphone Windows Phone 7 and a tablet on Windows 8. We have already seen an example of the latter in the WebOS: HP TouchPad tablet users can make and receive calls and send and receive SMS-messages from your device Pre3, linking two devices via Bluetooth.

Maybe Microsoft decided to equip this technology, especially before we heard about the intentions of the company to create a unified environment for computers, tablets and smartphones that are running the appropriate software from Microsoft. Such a strategy can increase consumer loyalty to the company’s products. But do not forget about what the company has recently acquired Skype, so that the platform could easily be sewn into VoIP-based tools. At the same tablet Samsung, which demonstrated software that can support the functionality of 3G-modem, so we have yet to conclusively determine whether it can be to turn the Tablet PC or laptop with Windows 8 in the mobile phone.

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