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Windows 8 could lose desktop mode when running on ARM chips

With interesting details about the upcoming operating system Windows 8 , whose public beta , according to recent reports, see the light coming in February, made ??famous technology columnist Paul Thurrott. According to him, referring to inside information, a familiar’s desktop environment, you can watch any user desktop or notebook computer running Windows, the software platform in the future may be limited to use only systems based on x86 processors.

If this is indeed the case, for tablet PCs on ARM chips, for which in essence, is preparing to release in such a hurry Windows 8 will remain only a “tile” interface Metro UI, specially adapted to control with your fingers on the touch screen.However, the same Paul Thurrott after a while, in fact, denied himself, saying, with reference to another source that Microsoft still saves desktop mode for Windows 8 when working with ARM solutions. This should allow in the future to create a notebook on ARM processors, running this operating system.

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