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Red Hat has earned a billion dollars

In the free software market you can make big money. The undisputed leader in the commercialization of Open Source – by Red Hat. Yesterday, it published a report for the fiscal year 2011 , which ended February 29, 2012. And we can congratulate the “red hats” – they were the first company in the world of Open Source with a turnover of more than a billion dollars! Company revenue for the year totaled 1.13 billion U.S. dollars, increasing by a quarter over the previous year.

It should be noted that in terms of income, not only Red Hat is the leader in the world of Open Source, but not lost even among the largest software companies . After all, there are not many companies of this size. For comparison, the same Adobe (7th in the world of software development company), the annual income of $ 3.8 billion

Incidentally, in the Open Source movement appears more and more nonprofit organizations that do not aim to profit, and still collect a lot of donations, and some even earn through advertising or other “side” activities. The most famous examples – Linux Foundation, Mozilla Corp., Free Software Foundation. For example, Mozilla receives considerable revenue from Google for clicks from search embedded in Firefox.

For reference, here is a list of Open Source non-profit organizations with their annual income for the last fiscal year for which reporting is available (for many it is 2010).

The Apache Software Foundation. The annual income of $ 539,410.
Free Software Foundation, Inc. The annual income of $ 539,410.
GNOME Foundation Inc. The annual income of $ 636,648.
Linux Expo of Southern California, Inc. The annual income of $ 145,463.
The Linux Foundation. The annual income of $ 9,618,043.
Linux Fund Inc. The annual income of $ 163,353.
The Linux Kernel Organization. The annual income of $ 133,737.
Mozilla Foundation. The annual income of $ 1,934,659.
One Laptop Per Child Association Inc. The annual income of $ 6,697,674.
One Laptop Per Child Foundation. The annual income of $ 8,368,989.
Open Source Applications Foundation. The annual income of $ 2295.
Open Source Initiative. The annual income of $ 40,334.
Outercurve Foundation. The annual income of $ 1,000,971.
Python Software Foundation. The annual income of $ 706,136.
Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc. The annual income of $ 911,564.
Software Freedom Law Center, Inc. The annual income of $ 1,516,991.
Software in the Public Interest Inc. The annual income of $ 285,463.
The Tor Project Inc. The annual income of $ 1,336,308.

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