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Pirated version of Windows 8

The day after the announcement of RTM-version illegal copies of the product began to appear in the public domain.

August 1 this year, Microsoft announced the final version of the Windows operating system 8, which began sending the industry partners. The new Windows OS is due out October 26th this year. As the representatives of Microsoft, this period is necessary to synchronize the partners of the company of their applications with the new operating system.

The next day, after the appearance of a blog post on the company’s file-sharing resources began to appear pirated copies of Windows 8 Enterprise. 64-bit distro is loaded with the index N, which means there is no complete player Windows Media Player, under the terms of antitrust agreement Microsoft and the European Commission by 2004.
Note that the official update software with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 to the latest version will cost users $ 40. According to developers, Windows 8 should be the first product on the basis of which can work as computers, and tablets, as it fixes some problems when working with touch screens faced by its predecessor, Windows 7.

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