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Next Windows will have a new kernel and will get a new interface

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Experts believe that the operating system is likely to be a large-scale upgrade to Windows 8 and not a separate product.


According to Neowin referring ostensibly to one of the staff of Microsoft, unofficial data has spread over the internet about a new version of the operating system called Windows Blue which will have an updated kernel and slightly redesigned user interface Metro of Windows 8.

It is expected that Windows Blue allows the user to freely adjust the start-up screen that appears when you boot your computer. Thus the new OS can adjust the size of tiles and get even more simplified view of a standard desktop, which would be more consistent with the new concept of a minimalist interface.

In addition to changes in the user interface, according to the source, the operating system Windows Blue should get an updated kernel 6.3.

It is worth noting that the Windows Blue would not be a separate Windows 9 but a significant upgrade to Windows 8.

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