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New screenshots of Windows 8

Screenshots of the desktop, windows Windows Explorer, and other panel settings.

According to CNews, Chinese technology site PCbeta could get their hands on a new build of Windows 8 – build 8172. Representatives from the site posted screenshots of the network elements of the standard system interface.

In the Internet were posted screenshots of the desktop, windows, Windows Explorer («Explorer”), the panel settings, the process manager, a new progress bar, etc.

As the user, providing a site screenshots PCbeta, 8172 relates to the assembly of pre-beta version of Windows 8.

Representatives Publishing Engadget said that the submitted PCbeta screenshots remind those who were reading at the event, Windows Developer Preview at the conference BUILD in September 2011. In any case, these screenshots valuable because it shows the status of Windows 8 just before the CES 2012, which will be held in January.

It is expected that at CES 2012 a new operating system Windows 8 will be given special attention. On the show, besides demonstrating a beta version of Windows 8, App Store Windows Store, developers will provide equipment laptops, and Tablet ultrabook running Windows 8.

In addition to the new interface of Windows 8 will be adapted for use with a tablet device. In this regard, developers will have to make the requirements of the system much more forgiving than Windows 7 and Windows Vista. In addition, Microsoft promises to reduce time-to-Windows 8 out of “sleep” mode by 30-70% compared with Windows 7.

Also part of the applications written for Smartphone Windows Phone 7 can be run on the desktop and tablet Windows 8 and vice versa.

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