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Microsoft Windows 8 shows error 0xC004C4AA

When you try to illegally obtain a legitimate version of Microsoft Windows 8 shows error code 0xC004C4AA.

Microsoft has removed the opportunity to get a legitimate version of Windows 8 with false activation through KMS (key management system) and update via Windows Media Center.

Recall that this method is required to install Windows 8 using any key (including those already used), connect to the server with KMS, configured so as to accept the key as valid. After installation, the user receives a 180-day illegitimate operating system version.

In order to make the operating system a legitimate, it is necessary to apply a free upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, which installs the Windows Media Center, till January 31, 2013 are free. Windows Media Center replaces an activation key system, eliminating the opportunity to test its validity on servers of Microsoft.

At the moment when you try to exploit the vulnerability it displays an error 0xC004C4AA, which indicates that the Media Center is running on a version of Windows, which has not been “purchased at the web-site or at a retail store.

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