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Microsoft will release Windows 8 August 2012

The next year is expected to launch the new operating systems Windows. However, it is difficult to say exactly when this will happen. Recent rumors point to the second half of next year, or more precisely, in August. The software giant is in a hurry to bring the new OS, because Microsoft must somehow respond to the alarming rise in popularity tablets, which negatively affect the PC market.

It is also reported that Windows 8 will be perhaps the most malozhivuschey OS in the history of the family because in 2014 it will replace Windows 9, which will be designed to substantially expand the capabilities of the platform.According to the company’s plans, published in the blog nerd MS , during the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2012 in early 2012 will be a public beta of Windows 8 Beta app store will launch WinStore and mobile platform Windows Phone Tango. RC-version of Windows 8, according to a source, will be held at the event in April 2012 Mix with the simultaneous launch of the mobile platform WP Tango 2 and the announcement of Windows Phone 8 (codename – Apollo).

Finally, in August of next year will take place simultaneously run Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and service Xbox Store. It is interesting that, judging by leaks, even at the developer conference, Build in September 2012 the software giant will present a public version of a Windows Update 8 (PU , product upgrade).

The beta version of Windows 8 PU will be available at CES 2013, and RTM-output version of the update (maybe we are talking about Service Pack 1?) In June 2013.Based on these published plans for Microsoft, whose authenticity can not be verified, the commercial release of Windows 9 is held in just two years, with little post-entry Window 8 – in November 2014. The first public assembly of W9 is expected in September 2013, a beta version – in January 2014, RC – in April, and time to market can take place in November, along with next-generation platform, Windows Phone, the controller Kinect HP2 and significant upgrade Xbox PU ( perhaps, Xbox 720?). If the data the software giant plans do exist, it seems, Microsoft is set up very aggressively on the withdrawal of the new OS. In the case of Windows Vista the company needed to develop more than five years for Windows 7 – more than three. In the case of Windows 9x series looks set to fall to almost two years with regard to yield a significant upgrade to Windows 8. Logical solution, given the very rapid development of mobile products and a strong orientation to the next OS plates and other similar portable devices. Microsoft did not comment on these rumors.


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