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Microsoft introduced a fix to update MS13-036

Microsoft has released an update for computers affected by the detected error in one of the security bulletins that were released last week.


For example, the company introduced the users to boot the image file used to create the backup DVD or USB-disk, which can remove security updates automatically.

The image format ISO, supported by a number of programs can be used to write data. Windows 8 developers have native support for ISO-files within Windows Explorer.

It is true that the patch has a few drawbacks. Thus, according to Microsoft, it will not work on pre-2004 production, which do not support Never eXecute. The fix only works on 32-bit Windows 7. On such models as Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Windows 7, the correction can not be carried.

Moreover, the recovery disk will not work on drives that have been encrypted using BitLocker, because the technology eliminates the need for a recovery action – download a file from a disk disaster recovery and search for files on the disk.

Recall that the company’s information security experts have noticed the error that occurred on April 12. This happened after several users reported malfunctions in Windows after installing the update KB 2823324 from security bulletin MS13-036.

An update was to fix vulnerabilities detected in the file system driver for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. However, some users have reported that after resetting the computer, some applications did not open, or the system is not loaded at all.

Now representatives of the corporation recommend installing hotfix only if it is really necessary.

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