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Microsoft has banned use of the word Metro in applications for Windows 8

Proper notice was posted on Microsoft’s website in the section for developers.

Microsoft has banned the makers of applications for Windows 8 to use the word «Metro» the names of their developments. If the specified word will appear in the title of the application, it will be denied access to the Windows Store.

Such notice shall appear on the Microsoft site to see the developers’ name of your application. ”

“Make sure that your application does not name the word Metro, – stated in the notice of American corporations. – Annex, whose name contains the word «Metro» receives certification and will not be presented in Windows Store ».

Recall that the confusion with the name of the new interface of Windows 8 arose after a complaint from the German conglomerate Metro AG.

How were the negotiations between the two companies is unknown, because both parties have not provided any comments on this issue.

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