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Microsoft finally improve copying files in Windows 8

Microsoft is copying files to improve Windows 8, speeding up a large amount of data and giving users more control over file transfer.

“Windows 8, which hit the market in the first half of 2012, offering improvements that will help computer users to cope with the increasing number of large files such as photos, videos and music,” – says Microsoft.

Company blog Building Windows 8 opened the secret that the program will have a unified dialog box to transfer all the files.

Like daunloud managers, the system will show the transfer of multiple files and provide an opportunity to pause, resume, and stop downloading individual files on the user.

The dialog box can optionally show the actual time spent on each step, visually displaying what is actually going to each file.

Microsoft also announced that Windows 8 will facilitate the solution of problems arising in a conflict of file names when you copy the files have the same name as files in the recipient.

“Our new design is much simpler, clearer and more efficient and provides a clear and effective approach to solving conflicts,” – says Alex Simons, director of programming for the development of Windows at Microsoft.

More detailed information should be made ??public at a conference of developers of the company, which will be held on September 13.

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