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Linux “stepped over the desktop”

Recently, the Linux community was much discussion of the news that the share of Linux on desktops for the first time broke the one per cent.

This magical barrier seemed enchanted, and a free operating system has never showed the market share of more than 1% for all eighteen years of its existence. This situation seemed rather strange, considering the great popularity of Linux on all other segments, including servers, embedded systems, netbooks, mobile platforms, set-top boxes, satellite tuner, MP3-players, digital photo frames and so on. With the proliferation of Android operating system with Linux kernel has become the most popular operating systems, even on smartphones, and only on the desktop is still dominated by other players.

An interesting explanation of what is happening edition of The Powerbase offers . In their view, the growing popularity of Linux on the desktop – no more than a myth. Yes, a slight increase in the share of Linux is indeed observed in recent years, but the numbers NetMarketShare (see chart above) are not supported by other statistical services. At the same NetMarketShare in February, the share of Linux has dropped substantially , so that the causes of fluctuations in January can be attributed to a strange statistical error.

Thus, neither of which the popularity of Linux on the desktop can not yet be considered. All talk and standby community, just when a breakthrough in this area and there will be the proverbial “vendekapets” simply unfounded.

In fact, the Linux operating system simply stepped over the desktop market . It really is now increasing in popularity in all segments and de facto most popular OS in the world by number of units sold. Analysts point out that the popularity of desktop computers in the world is gradually reduced, a much larger rate increase sales of smartphones and tablets. Gradually, they say, most people will use computers in that the mobile format.

For comparison, in January 2012 the number of activated Android smartphones on the Linux kernel has exceeded 230 million units and growing at 500-700 thousand per day, while the number of desktops on Ubuntu (the most popular distribution of Linux) is only 20 million.

Considering this trend, the future of Linux can be characterized as: probably, Linux will be the most popular operating system in all segments. Experts point out that Google now provides Linux-based operating system, Chrome OS, which can be a real “people running” for home computers, while it is much more open and more based on the principles of open source, than Android.

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