iOS will ask for permission to copy your address book

Apple: Applications in the next iOS will require permission to access the address book.

Apple representatives confirmed the information about what the next version of mobile operating system, applications will ask for your permission to access the address book. Changes in the policy storage of confidential data have been initiated by the U.S. Congress, who raised the question of whether that application in mobile devices on the basis of iOS have unlimited access to your address book.

“Applications that collect and transmit contact users without their prior agreement to violate the principles of our company,” stated a representative of Apple.

This statement was made ??after the heads of Twitter openly admitted that their application for iOS transfers to the servers of the company such information as names, email addresses and phone numbers from your address book devices. Representatives from social network also stressed that it is necessary to implement the search function of friends.

The copied data is stored in Twitter in a period of 18 months, but the social network provides the ability to completely remove them if necessary. Later service is committed to more accurately expressed in the following versions of an application does not ask for permission to “scan contacts,” and to “download contacts” or “import”.

Similar statements were made by the company Foursquare and Venturebeat, specializing in developing mobile applications. Among other things, they pledged to implement additional security measures and store data in encrypted form, or just delete them. It is also worth noting that at the moment the developers are allowed without notice to collect such data as calendar entries, and geographic location of the device.

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