In the iPhone App Store found a fake app Camera +

Experts are not determined whether the application contains malicious code.

According to Naked Security, representatives iPhoneography blog found a fake application for the iPhone, which claims to be a popular program Camera +. iPhoneography Officer Glyn Evans (Glyn Evans) suspects that the application is not genuine and asked the developers of this program for details. The company Tap Tap Tap, which is the creator of applications Camera +, said: «Apple often disappointing results of (Ed. – applications in App Store). Thank you Clay Evans for the detection of counterfeit Camera + ». The company Sophos, who wanted to investigate the fake application, said they had not managed to get a copy of its source code. Experts can not say for sure whether the application contains malicious functions. Presumably the attackers wanted to earn money from selling the program. After the discovery of fraudulent applications, the company Apple immediately removed it from the App Store. It is not clear how Apple approved the sale of this application in the App Store.Note that Camera + ranks 14th among the most popular applications in the App Store.

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