Hewlett-Packard will release full source code WebOS by September

Hewlett-Packard has announced a schedule for disclosure of the source code of its mobile operating system WebOS, but also said it would continue development of the OS to make it a “truly open operating system.” The company has decided to gradually open the system to smoothly transfer WebOS-open model for community work. According to the decision, HP will begin to open OS now, but all its source code will only be available by September, but each month will be opened by one or another component of the system . So, today announced the publication under the Apache license application development environment and ENYO 2.0.

The second version of the framework allows you to work with many applications in WebOS-iOS, Android, as well as through Internet Explorer and Firefox. In February, the company plans to open the UI-widgets and core JavaScript-engine for handling applications and the browser. In March, scheduled to open Linux-kernel of the operating system, and in early April – IDE Ares 2.0, is also intended to create an application (complete opening of the Ares 2.0 is expected in July). The remaining part of the code the company promises to publish in August and September. Matthew McNulty, head of the development of WebOS at HP, said the company remains “fully committed” to the operating system and intends to develop it, even after the full opening of the source. Also at HP say about plans to create a “substantial” software ecosystem to support the operating system.

Time Planned for opening code
January ENYO 2.0 and source code Enyo
Apache License, Version 2.0
February Intended Project Governance Model
QT WebKit extensions
JavaScript core
UI widgets Enyo
March Linux kernel Standard
Graphics EGL extensions
USB extensions
April Ares 2.0
Enyo 1.2
Node Services
July System Manager (“Luna”)
System Manager Bus
Core applications
Enyo 02.02
August Build Model Release
webOS Open Beta
September Open webOS 1.0

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