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Built-in browser in Windows 8: two environments, a single engine

The official blog Windows 8 Build , Microsoft said, in what direction it leads the development of browser-environment in its future operating systems. In other words, what to expect from Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8.

In the development of Internet Explorer for the new operating system company, of course, makes an important focus on the most convenient and natural multi-sensory interface. Microsoft, however, is also reviewing the processes and much underlying browser architecture.

As part of Windows 8 company relies on a single engine IE10 with broad support of standards HTML5, hardware acceleration and security features. It lies at the basis of two different environments: a new Metro-style and the more traditional and familiar to desktop PC users. As a result, according to Microsoft, you can at one and the same device to achieve excellent Tablet and desktop environment, without making any compromises.

When you create a Metro-interface version Internet Explorer 10 companies understand that for many it may be more convenient and familiar than the desktop, even on the big screen PC, equipped with only a keyboard and mouse. Therefore, despite the fact that this environment is optimized in the first place, under the control of the fingers, it also works fine with the mouse and keyboard while maintaining familiar keyboard shortcuts and key actions.

It is interesting that both Internet Explorer environment 10 (as a desktop, and Metro) have common settings, user history, favorite Web sites and so on. Single engine provides quick work of both traditional web sites and applications in the style of Metro:

  • Performance. IE-style Metro has the same performance as the desktop version. This is a full hardware acceleration of graphics, video and sound performance of the code JavaScript, as well as new optimizations for partition and format the responsiveness of the touch screen.
  • Security. Metro-version of IE supports the same functions of security, privacy and reliability, and board: SmartScreen, filtering XSS, InPrivate browsing and so on.
  • HTML5. Both versions are equally optimized by IE for maximum compatibility with the programming model of HTML5.BUILD corporation to show support for CSS Text Shadow, CSS 3D Transforms, IndexedDB, Web Sockets, HTML5 File API, HTML5 History, hyphenation, transitions and animations CSS, cash applications, HTML5, as well as several other new features of the current preliminary version of Internet Explorer 10.

What principles form the basis of the new browser in the style of Metro? This is not the only design that is made to the minimum distraction from work on the web. For example, the browser can offer a visual list of most used sites in the recruitment of the URL in the address bar:

Address panel appears with the tabs open, so the user can immediately go to a site that is not open at the moment:

Spell-checking and automated prompts when typing can also reduce the amount of printing when using websites. The most important websites, you can bring to your Windows Start 8 in the same way as applications in the style of Metro.

Internet Explorer renders the 10 controls (for example, radio buttons and check boxes), while retaining more white space around them, in order to make the site more friendly to the touch. Developers can make their sites using CSS styling is even more optimized for touch screens. Here’s an example:

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