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Ballmer confirmed the release of Windows 8, 2012

The head of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledged that Windows 8 will be released in 2012 a variety of platforms. He also promised significant improvements OS Phone 7 in this year.

Speaking at a developers conference in Japan, Ballmer noted that during next year, Microsoft will reveal new possibilities of its main operating system. He confirmed that it would be appropriate for PCs, tablet and system on a chip devices.

Phone 7 will undergo significant improvements in this year’s renewal, which on plans will bring to the platform, over 500 enhancements, including ability to integrate software developers in the phone interface.

“We have entered the market with Phone 7 a year later than I would have liked – ashamed,” – he said.

Recently acquired SkypeAccording to him, will also be added to the portfolio of products for Microsoft users and businesses, also highlighted the fact that the company was originally Founded in Estonia – As proof that the developers have to think globally.

Ballmer noted the five key areas of development by Microsoft in the coming years: natural user interface, natural language, HTML and JavaScript, new form factors and cloud.

As for interfaces, Microsoft will add more control with gestures user interface, based on game technology Kinnect. There is still much to do in this area, he said, including ensuring face recognition, more flexible control of movements and recognition computers users based on their actions.

Possibility of natural-language interface progressing, which will change the way users control their computers, making it more intuitive. “We ask ourselves, can provide you with control over computing environment through the expression of intention, rather than the use of special teams, “- he said.” Now you must click on the file, then open and blah blah blah – you can not just tell the computer to prepare me for the trip to Tokyo.

He noted that work with Microsoft Bing brings great benefits in this area, as the technology search engine entirely devoted to prediction intentions of those searchers, according to the usual language.

Concerning the adoption of HTML and JavaScript Ballmer spoke, Microsoft will outpace rivals like Google and Mozilla, in using these programming environments as they become the most dominant means of Internet development.

Ballmer noted that the changes in the coming years will occur in chips and construction components, will contribute to the emergence of radically new devices: from embedded systems to the screens, which can be folded and packed. That means more changes in the operating systems for support for new form factors.

Finally, as regards the adoption of cloud technologies, Ballmer asked Microsoft to make its standards more favorable to the clouds. According to him, Azure will receive updates approximately every two weeks, and absolutely Office rebuilt for cloud operations.

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