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Apple iTV c Sharp displays appear in 2012?

According to analysts at Jefferies & Co., Collaboration between Apple and Sharp is currently limited to the display for the iPad 3. Sharp also provides TFT-panel TV for online Apple iTV, which will be launched in the middle of next year. Analysts believe that Apple made the decision to reduce its dependence on Samsung as the world’s largest supplier of panels for displays.

Although the history of Apple and always has been inextricably linked with the contractual supply of components, now, analysts believe the company is ready to reach an entirely new level. Thus, according to unconfirmed reports, it is ready to start their own production of panels for displays. To do this, Apple reportedly will acquire the equipment and start production together with Sharp. It is difficult to say how reliable this information, but we can confidently assert that the company will be enough for material resources. It is estimated that production costs would be between 500 million to $ 1 billion. As for iTV, then the device while little is known. It is likely that the classic remote control here will be replaced by a personal assistant Siri, which is currently used in devices running iOS.

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