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Apple is seeking a ban on the sale of Jelly Bean devices

According to lawyers of the American corporation, Jelly Bean is violating its patents for the use of the stylus.

According to the news agency Bloomberg, corporation lawyers Apple said in court that the smartphone Galaxy Note 10.1 of Samsung Electronics violates patents American corporation. The announcement was made ??yesterday in federal court in San Diego, USA, serving as a response to the claim about the iPhone 5, the South Korean electronics manufacturer filed October 1 this year.

One of the lawyers of the American corporation, Andrew Liao (Andrew Liao), said municipal judge U.S. Gruelu Paulo (Paul Grewal), that the Galaxy Nexus uses the operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and equipped with a stylus, a patent for the use of which belongs to Apple. U.S. manufacturer also intends to file a lawsuit, demanding a ban on the distribution of an additional 17 devices based on Jelly Bean, who, while not equipped with a stylus, yet at the program level can use this technology.

Gruel judge made no final decision on the matter. However, he said that if the statements of claim to reject both companies, it is unlikely to solve the problem, since they are likely to suffer their claims in another court.

Actions of companies indicate that they are not going to stop our struggle for the huge mobile phone market, which is on 4 continents.

Recall that in early October, U.S. Judge Lucy Koh took imposition in June a temporary ban on sales of the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This was done on the basis that the jury announced August 24 the absence of a violation of Apple patents in the product of Samsung.

Apple employees tried to prevent the removal of the temporary ban, insisting that according to the conclusion of the jury, some copyright infringement Galaxy Tab 10.1 still does.