Apple has eliminated 81 vulnerabilities in iOS

Most of the vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the system.
The company Apple released the 5.1 update for its mobile platform iOS. The operating system is updated in devices iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, as well as three versions of the tablet iPad. The product was removed 81 vulnerabilities, 67 of which allow you to remotely execute arbitrary code on the system. Most of the critical vulnerabilities has been identified employees of companies Apple and Google.

In this release, in particular, eliminated the vulnerability that allows local users to gain access to sensitive user data. Recall that members of the group of developers iPhoneIslam discovered a breach in the security of the operating system, which allows using a simple paper clip around the device password and gain access to personal user data.

Another fix a vulnerability used by the developers of 2012 iOS Jailbreak Dream Team to bypass the sandbox in the implementation of a functional jailbreak. Other fixes security vulnerabilities eliminated the disclosure, an integer overflow error status of the operation, etc.

In addition to iOS, Apple also released an update to work with multimedia applications iTunes, which was removed 72 vulnerabilities.