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Android has won half of the smartphone market

According to Gartner, Google Android has been detected in more than half of smartphones sold in the third quarter of this year.

The operating system scored 52.5% of all sales, doubling the share from the same quarter last year. And this happened despite the fact that many users are put off buying in the summer and bought a new iPhone is in the third quarter after its release. According to the same report, sales of iPhone 4s and other models in total grew by 42%.

Compared with the second quarter smartphone sales rose 1% to 26% of all mobile phones. But the case for Nokia smartphones are going bad, because the tube on Symbian lost nearly 20% relative to year-ago performance of 16.9%. This is due to the transition of the system of Windows Phone, equipped models planned for the current month. The largest manufacturer of smart phones has become Samsung’s line of Galaxy on Android.

The global mobile phone market growth was at 5.6% in the third quarter and amounted to 440.5 million units. However, growth has slowed down – in the previous quarter growth reached 16.5% a year ago as many as 35%.

Overall, Nokia is doing well, as the company managed to increase its market share of mobile devices with 22.8% of the second quarter to 23.9% in the third and settled in the first place. The top five best selling also includes Samsung, LG, Apple and ZTE.

Meanwhile, Google has released a version of Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich. So many developers have already started work on informal modes for different phones.

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