The world’s first CPU of 5GHz

AMD has introduced the most powerful processor in the family of AMD FX and the world’s first commercially available CPU with a clock frequency of 5 GHz. Processor AMD FX-9590 with 8 cores provide high performance for gaming and multimedia applications on desktop computers. It is symbolic that his presentation was held at the conference play E3.

For the first time, the CPU will be delivered to personal computers through system integrators, and soon it will appear at retail.


AMD stresses that the FX-9590 processor (5 GHz) and FX-9370 (4.7 GHz) is built on the core Piledriver, which is known for its low cost and high capacity for overclocking. The company notes that proprietary warranty does not cover chips damaged by overclocking.

Obviously, these “stones” consume a huge amount of power. To reduce the load a little bit, AMD has implemented technology AMD Turbo Core 3.0, which turns off unused CPU core. Turbo mode at 5 GHz is included only in the moments of maximum load on 1-2 core with the remaining unused cores.

In past years, AMD was pretty serious competition to Intel. It was she who in May 2000 broke through the barrier of 1 GHz (Athlon), and later released the first 64-bit processor that works with Windows , and the first native dual-and quad processors . In addition, it is AMD released the first APU , combining CPU and Radeon graphics on the same chip as well as the first x86 quad-core SoC.


Now AMD is eager to return to the market and circumvent the performance even Core i5.

In the past few years, manufacturers of processors dug around 4 GHz mark, without increasing the clock speed, and improving parallelism, power management, integrated graphics, adding the kernel, etc. After all, gamers are more concerned about the performance of GPU, what about clock speed.

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