Phenomenon “! 1” on

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If you specify a non-existent URL in the domain, then loaded the standard plug with error 404 “Page Not Found”. Since two years, Google has changed the design of this page, so now it looks that way.


All of these two years in the page header are exclamation points and in the phrase “Error 404 (Not Found)!! 1”. At first, one might think that this is a misprint for “1” and “” are entered on the same button on the keyboard. But in the past two years, no one has corrected this “typo”. Obviously, Google has specifically applied this combination of characters. What does it mean?


According to the opinion of some experts, the combination “! 1” – is part of the “hacker” 1337-slang (leetspeak), which is often used by Google. Phenomenon “! 1” is described in detail in dictionaries of memes.

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