OLX.IN: Serving Free Classified In a Different Way

The Online classifieds industry can, by nature, remain stagnate and the opportunity for innovation is quite sizable.
Capitalizing on a growing local market disseminated into the global market. the Indian version of online classified site serves as a platform to connect buyers and sellers who wish to buy, sell, exchange or trade used goods and services, by posting a Free Ad on the website. People could use this classifieds platform to search for any product that they want to buy directly from individuals. has been immensely successful over the years and has pioneered the concept of C2C selling in India by introducing the concept of buying and selling of second hand and preowned goods directly between individuals. OLX india classifieds is an ad-supported model where they run sponsored links on the listing pages.

It is quite relevant to say that OLX is not the only classified website in India. Millions of Indian’s are hooked onto the TV more than they might spend time browsing the internet.

With that being said, in order to reach out to this vast audience OLX India had to dive into TV commercials. Their advertising team has done a commendable job with amazing and amusing TV commercials.

You can get a glimpse of these commercials on OLX YouTube Channel

In the above commercial shows that a couple spy on their neighbor’s car and literally measure it for its length. On comparing the length with their own car, they happen to realize their own long car now measures quite smaller. Overwhelmed by defeat they visit: and post a FREE AD and sell their old now small car at a great price.

Here is another great ad by where a wife is taunting her husband about going to Shimla (a very popular hill station) and going on long ride with her husband’s 2 year old bike which he has not use for a long time. Getting irritated the husband suggests throwing out the bike, the wise wife instead suggests to sell it off at a good price on

With these amazing set of television commercials and many more on YouTube Channel, it has overtaken many of its competitors with miles of success.

According to the annual data available from Comscore from October 2011, OLX shows steady growth in PVs. In May 2011, had around 10 million page views, while in November 2012 the number jumped to 92 million page views per month which is a growth of more than 900% in a short time span!