Microsoft shareholders are losing faith in Steve Ballmer

The head of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer faced with a reduction in shareholders’ support despite the fact that the firm reported a record profit for the financial year – the majority of investors continue to express concern at the expense of the company’s strategy.

Although 92% of shareholders voted for the reelection of Ballmer, it is somewhat less than 95% last year, because that is experiencing difficulties platform Windows Phone 7 and Windows slow growing concern to investors.

For comparison, the remaining directors of Microsoft, including founder Bill Gates, received 99% support from shareholders. It emphasizes that the dissatisfaction with the activities connected just with Microsoft.

In October, Mr. Ballmer also lost the right to additional remuneration for the second year of management in connection with the weak performance on Microsoft mobile market.

On Tuesday, Ballmer had to answer questions during a meeting of shareholders of the company. They are concerned, the effect is now Microsoft’s “post-PC world.” This thesis he refused, saying that the future will continue to be based on Windows. “We live in an era of Windows. So it was, so it is, and always will be. We have many Windows-projects that provide a path for Windows phones” – he said.

“With Windows 8, you will see new form factors, operated by Windows. We live in an era when a number of intelligent devices continues to grow.”

Of the Windows and Windows Live have achieved revenues of $ 4.87 billion, says only two percent increase when compared with the previous period.

Yet it helped Microsoft get in the last fiscal quarter 2011 revenue of $ 17.37 billion, indicating a 7% increase compared to last year.

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