Microsoft has revealed Xbox LIVE Windows 8

At the conference, BUILD Microsoft talked about their plans for the integration of Xbox LIVE on Windows 8. Previously, when compared to PC and consoles, a number of important computer industry representatives pointed out that computers are unfounded gaming platform, while PC users are not granted the same opportunities and services that are available to console players.

Now, due to the rapid spread of plates, representing a very lucrative business, but also because of the association tablet and desktop platform, Microsoft has taken an important step in the transfer of the Xbox LIVE service to Windows 8 will be making an extensive cross-platform ecosystem.

Currently, Xbox LIVE is available in 35 countries, and the number of subscribers is around 35 million they spend in the entertainment service, about 2.1 billion hours per month, which means that each user pays the service in about 60 hours, which is very high.

“This represents a tremendous opportunity for you as a developer” , – explained the general manager of the program, Avi Ben-Menahem (Avi Ben-Menahem), conducted the demonstration. Microsoft spent a lot of effort to improve the graphics capabilities of Windows 8 in order to improve the start time of games and their overall performance. In addition, Xbox LIVE for Windows 8 will be linked with the console version and get the general profile settings, save games, awards, achievements, friends list and community, multiplayer and so on.

“We will move everything you know and love on the Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE in Windows “ , – said Avi Ben-Menahem after showing social opportunities for Xbox LIVE in Metro-style, which Microsoft plans to integrate into Windows 8.

Demonstration of overall achievements, has been shown by the example of Pinball FX2. Despite the demo, the game quickly started and worked smoothly. Microsoft has integrated into Xbox LIVE game in the style of notification to Metro, which appear, for example, to report the resulting achievement.

But the most interesting thing, perhaps, is that thanks to Xbox LIVE Microsoft realizes the possibility of a multiplayer game between the owners of Windows-based PCs, Windows Phone and Xbox 360. Also, Avi Ben-Menahem said that in the coming weeks, Xbox LIVE for Windows 8 will be open for developers who participated in the program – free of charge.

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