Google will allow free access to search, Google+ and Gmail

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Google has talked about exciting new project. It is called the Free Zone and is designed for users in developing countries. Free Zone will allow free use of the search engine Google Search, Gmail e-mail client and a social network Google+, ie when visiting these sites mobile operator will not be withdrawn from the account of the subscriber fee for the traffic. Access to these services will be available, even if you have not subscribed to the rate with the mobile Internet.

Free Zone service is available through the domain / freezone and works on almost any phone that can access the Internet. It is optimized for use with traditional mobile phones, but it should, in theory, operate and smartphones.

How to use Free Zone simple. All free, except for the transition to an external link from Gmail, view attachments in e-mails and a link from the site, which is the result of your search request. Let us explain the last minute. Let’s say you have made a request to the Google search engine and went to the site, which was third in the list of results. The transition to this site is free, but if you click on the link located on it and walk away with it, that for this transition will have to pay. Google, fortunately, will pop up to warn users that they are leaving the area of the Free Zone.

To run such a service by Google, of course, will need to negotiate with many mobile operators around the world, so that his work he will not fast. Again, the service is designed for developing countries, and therefore not likely to be in the U.S. or Europe. It is already available in the Philippines, through the operator Globe. If everything is in order, then Google will hasten to offer Free Zone in other countries and regions.

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