GNU MediaGoblin: free alternative to Flickr, YouTube and SoundCloud

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The Free Software Foundation has not yet collected the necessary $ 60 million (only $ 45,800), but still has started the implementation of the project as promised, MediaGoblin – decentralized platform sharing of photos, video and audio, that is a free alternative to Flickr, YouTube and SoundCloud. Has released version 0.4. Talisman project – funny goblin named Gavroche.

Each user places the content on your own server or at a third party hosting, but all of these sites have the ability to have certain communication with each other in a decentralized social network (in the future these features will significantly expand). In 1.0 it will be connected and the hosting alternative content, including alternate file system. That is, distributed storage can be achieved in the future, see list of planned features .

MediaGoblin projected is a universal platform for the publication of any content. Recently it has implemented the ability to publish e-books (pdf.js) 3D-model. But even now, at the stage of initial development MediaGoblin looks pretty cute. Although installation on your own server is quite a trivial task, but some users did it, see the list of sites on MediaGoblin .

Developers recognize that they are facing the “giant” of the problem, and the complexity of such a huge project could be completed only if there are donations.

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