10 most important Open Source projects in 2011

That came to an end for another year. It’s time to step back and evaluate everything that has happened during this period. It turns out that in 2011 became a model in terms of support for open source projects. So select 10 projects have been quite difficult.

But what is meant by the word “important”? Obviously, this is not only those projects that are popular.Such a list would be too long. It would have to enter Apache, GCC,, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE,Linux Mint , not to mention the myriad of libraries and utilities that we use every day.

Thus, to assess the importance we have chosen projects that are most influential, are gaining popularity and / or appear in new areas of innovation. This means that many projects were not included in this list.And now you can see the 10 most important projects in 2011:


Hadoop is used and / or supported by almost every company. Naturally Yahoo, which launched the project and is using it, but it is also used Amazon, IBM, Twitter , Facebook, and others who are working with Big Data.

Hadoop – not a new project, but this year it has become almost an industry standard. In this respect, it is a bit like on Linux … This year, EMC, Oracle and even Microsoft have announced commercial support or the production of products that work with Hadoop, and Yahoo put HortonWorks, to focus on Hadoop.It is easier to list those companies that do not work with Hadoop, than those who use this framework.


Speaking about the widespread use, we can not think of Git. Hobbies Linus Torvalds not only improve Linux, but also increased the popularity of FOSS projects. If you work on any project with an open course there is a strong likelihood that you will use Git, but not other DVCS.

Git – not just a popular instrument, is the base for one of the most popular web open source projects for developers: GitHub.They also enjoy Gitorious,, Google Code Hosting, as well as almost every global platform FOSS projects.


Was it 2011 or 2010 to a peak noSQL? It is difficult to keep track of, but Apache Cassandra deserves a place in the list of 10 important events.

Cassandra – a large-scale, distributed and fault-tolerant database, which comes from the Amazon Dynamo system and Google BigTable. Cassandra uses IBM, Netflix, Digg, Facebook , Rackspace and others.


LibreOffice team did a great job in maintaining the post-acquisition resource Sun. While Apache is working on the maintenance of, LibreOffice designed and developed the project. This project produces a release for the release not only in terms of new features and reliable updates to major versions, which are essential for organizations that use them in their work.

For those interested in the adoption of Linux in the workplace, LibreOffice is a critical project. For users who want to move away from using Microsoft Office, but still be compatible with the format of Office, is required LibreOffice.

But LibreOffice made the jump not only technically, but also as an organization it has demonstrated an impressive rate of development. 2012 will be a very interesting year for this project open source.


Only a few projects showed a big jump in development, as OpenStack. “Cloud OS”, which started at RackSpace, already gathered under the wing of 144 companies, including SUSE, and Canonical.

OpenStack is designed to provide components that are necessary for any organization to deploy private or public clouds: computation, storage facilities, services, images, and manage your personal data and the GUI panel.

Now you will not see ubiquitous OpenStack, but it’s definitely important for the cloud with the initial project open source.

It should be mentioned, and Eucalyptus. While OpenStack gets a lot of time and support from the industry, Eucalyptus is already set up for industrial distribution, and is compatible with Amazon Web Services. And this is not an end point in the distribution of cloud platforms – for some companies there is a place, so we assume that Eucalyptus will be afloat for a very long time.


Apache (more accurately, Apache HTTP Server Project) still rules the Internet. Apache is the most common server. But 2011 was phenomenal and for Nginx, an alternate server, which specializes in processing HTTP proxying and.

Nginx peaked this year with a market share of 8.85% in a survey of Netcraft Server Survey. According to the profile on the portal Royal Pingdom , use Nginx has grown by 300%.

This is a small server, which could achieve important results in this year. In particular, Nginx has begun offering corporate and commercial support.

It is used by sites such as Dropbox,, Facebook and 25% of most visited sites in the world.


Every web developer uses jQuery, no question about it. jQuery – a JavaScript library, which is extremely popular. By the way, she is the most used JavaScript libraries around the world.

If you’re working with JavaScript, you probably faced with jQuery this year. Recently, she was often criticized, and some friends even refuse to work with her, but jQuery is still a key program for many developers.


Another component associated with JavaScript, placed in the top 10 projects, and you probably think that web design was very important this year. Node.js runs on V8 JavaScript engine from Google, and is designed to “simplify the development of large-scale network applications “.

Node.js is a breakthrough in the industry of open source. This project is sponsored by Joyent and used LinkedIn and 37Signals, Rdio, Yahoo, and GitHub.


For what we have closely followed in 2011? DevOps automation and information technology. With the large number of proposals for the automation of open source, this year the leader of this trend has become deservedly Puppet.

Puppet – “automatic engine management”, originally developed for Linux and UNIX. It can be used to perform administrative tasks on two, twenty or two thousand computers (and maybe even more). Puppet has steadily improved in recent years, but this year he made a breakthrough by offering Puppet Enterprise. Trust him (in the form of investment) giants such as Google Ventures, Cisco and VMware. Puppet was a very important part of the industry in 2011, but in 2012 it is expected that he will play a big role. (If you’re a system administrator who is looking for work, you definitely want to add to his resume the count – working with Puppet).


For Linux, it was a very good year. But what can I say – it was a great year for Linux. It is 20 years old , and moved to version 3.0 (not coincidentally), and continues to conquer the world.

Of course, we still joke about world domination, but because Linux is now used everywhere. He phones in a variety of devices. It is the foundation for cloud services, as well as dominant in the 500 list of supercomputers worldwide.

Google, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, numerous government agencies, business organizations and educational institutions use critical services Linux. Anyway, without Linux many projects would not exist. It is a framework that people use to create many important services (and not very important, too.)

But what about Android?

In the course of compiling this list, we thought at the same time, whether to put him in Android. It is difficult to argue with the fact that Android has played a significant role in this year. Unfortunately, it’s hard to argue with the fact that Android does not constitute a complete project with open source.

Development of Android happens behind closed doors . Millions of fans of Android, as well as potential hackers around the world can not influence the development of Android, of course, if they do not work at Google or one of its partner companies.

The fact that Google publishes code – nice, but it’s more like a “source open” design than the “open source” project.

Other projects

As we have said, the place for all major open source projects just simply not enough. If you have thought about it – accomplish your goal in the comments. Perhaps we have missed some projects in 2011? What do you think about 2012?What projects will be hit in the future?

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