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Windows Phone 7 ported to Android

The operating system of Windows Phone 7 is the third largest mobile player after Apple iOS and Google Android. Arsenal though its functions and wide, but it is hardly exclusive, because they are one form or another are present on two parallel platforms.

However, the main advantage of this system is its interface, which really is quite an achievement design Microsoft. This interface is called the Metro, and it is very simple and intuitive – just after a couple of minutes with the system, you can make a final conclusion, and he likes this environment or not.

In order to attract new mobile users in their camp, Microsoft has developed an emulator of Windows Phone 7, available from your browser. This emulator is available for the iPhone and Android-smartphone. Browser Interface Platform is a good example of what can be done through a standard web scripting. As for the functional of the emulator, it is of course limited. The user creates a fairly complete picture of what is capable of Windows Phone 7 as its control and, more importantly, how it looks. The user can dial a number and open a few basic applications, such as your contacts list.

It should be noted that if you open this resource from your phone, control the emulator by using the touch screen. However, you can open it in a desktop browser and use a mouse instead of the touchscreen. Information about the appearance of the emulator has been published under an official account of Windows Phone 7 on Twitter. On the emulator has already received initial feedback – the owners of smartphones running the Windows Phone 7 Mango note that these devices it is not working properly, despite the fact that there is installed a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 that supports HTML5.

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