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Ultrabook or tablet? First look at a hybrid Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

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Sometimes a person can not decide what to buy: a tablet or laptop?In the case of the new Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga decide, perhaps, not have to: because this product is in fact both.

Hybrid – not a frequent visitor to the mobile market, but not so rare. Lenovo is not the first hit upon the idea to experiment on genetic crossing of two different categories of devices: for example, ASUS has recently released his second a hybrid tablet and ultrabuka Eee Pad Transformer Prime , which, in turn, became the first incarnation of the test hybridEee Pad Transformer . Only in the case with ASUS, we have dealt with the tablet, which docked keyboard, a new Lenovo looks more like a modern version of the Tablet PC – notebook with a swivel touch screen, which had never been particularly popular due to its high price.

Well, Lenovo has decided, apparently, to resurrect one of the options for Tablet PC with a new look and new features, including the most modern filling. Let’s see how it turned out at the heir to the well-known and respected by IBM.

The rabbit from a hat

In fact, the heir did almost the same as that used to do the producers of such devices: the main difference lies in the fact that the screen does not rotate around its axis, and expanded like a folder – with an angle of 360 degrees. In general, there is not anything sverhoriginalnogo, the question is whether the demand for such a device is not only generally but also in comparison with the same Transformer Prime. As a rule, the people who ultimately are determined, they want a tablet or netbook, the choice made firmly. On the other hand, over time, some are beginning to realize that on a netbook and I would like to watch movies fine, but for the tablet would not stir, and keyboard. If you replace the word “netbook” to “ultrabook,” then it will interfere with the keyboard. To surf the Internet or watching movies.

In general, we can say that the demand for such devices is theoretically and potential buyers have already died away impatiently. But if their expectations are correct?


Looking for a “multi-mode laptop” (which is how he prefers to call the company Lenovo) IdeaPad Yoga and its dimensions, inevitably begin to think that the device has turned out some not so. Of course, we all understand that, and the tablet and netbook may not be the same size, but when you see the inconsistency in reality, there comes a slight disappointment.

Exact dimensions of the manufacturer actually has not yet published, it is known that the thickness of the hybrid will be “only” 16.9 mm, and it is equipped with 13.3-inch display. That is, its dimensions are similar to conventional ultrabukom, including thickness. But for a tablet it is still quite too big – and thick, and the screen somehow does not fit in the 10.1-inch “community” – that is the maximum diagonal for almost all the biggest tablet on the market. Not to mention the weight – 1.47 kg is ideal for ultrabook, but too big for a tablet. Even the very old.

Interesting details concerning the case and Lenovo statements that hinge on which turns the screen able to withstand up to 25,000 rotations. And if you look at the keyboard, it should be noted that those of our colleagues who had become acquainted with them at the show, argue that the tactile sensations is very similar to that shown in the same exhibition ultrabook U300S Lenovo (which we have not wrote a long time).

As for memory, the hybrid all performed at a sufficiently high level: we expect up to eight gigabytes of RAM (this usually means that the set is half the size) and a 256 GB hard drive, which will act as a SSD-drive, which is quite natural with the above dimensions.Some manufacturers are still set in ultrabuki conventional hard drives in order to save bringing the detriment of the thickness and weight (and price – more affordable for them in such a way), but in such an innovative device, as the IdeaPad Yoga, no-SSD would be absolutely unacceptable.

Finally let us not forget about the connectors: in the absence of official performance tables have to rely on their own eyes. The eyes see two USB connectors at one end, the power button, a slider (intended, obviously, to quickly enable or disable wireless mode), and unknown type of yellow connector with a hole in the middle, who could not identify.

About the appearance of

It is just a rather ordinary. Hybrid is painted entirely in black and silver from the inside out. Swivel joints in sharp contrast with the black innards Yoga, as painted “chrome.” Even the “black innards” are not in harmony with each other – glossy and matte screen bezel – the keyboard.

Neither the press release or in the preliminary stories from the show says nothing about the materials of the case at all, and, in particular, whether the hybrid metal cover, or is it the same plastic as the rest. The lower part of the case around the keyboard is covered with soft material “on a rubber”, which should give the user additional comfort in the work (despite the fact that the bezel around the screen – glossy, recall). And besides, “Yoga,” added a leather case.

Look at the screen for a long time, we can, but what about this, we use?

But the screen in a hybrid is not simple: it’s IPS-display with a resolution of 1600×900 and supports multitouch. So far we have seen a similar authorization in another transformer – ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime (of permission from Apple products generally keep silent), and it’s not good. The fact that not just the tablet, and actually have a cousin finally came ultrabuka resolution higher than 1366×768 (because 1400h900 have one) should make the other vendors to think hard. Because where the first – and second there. And, hopefully, the second (though someone else’s) does not take long.

By the way, the screen has wide viewing angles, and that he, too, write a plus. The processor is expected to have a new hybrid, Ivy Bridge from Intel. But none of the specific model, or its numbers have not yet been reported. It is logical to assume that this must be the older model of the family. Interesting expectations apply to batteries: its voltage is unknown to us, but the energy capacity of 54 watts / hour suggests that the battery is sufficiently capacious. The more that the manufacturer promises up to 8 hours … I would like to think that in video mode, but updates from Lenovo on this topic followed.

Operational problems

Almost simultaneously with the novelty of the public was presented Windows 8 Consumer Preview . According to official reports, and not from a previous version of the developer fix it features more than hundreds of thousands of errors and the ability to truly appreciate – what will be the new operating system from a user perspective. And this time is really new – even the button “Start”, which has existed since Windows 95, no. While getting used to the OS and left the “old” interface of Windows 7.

However, the story about the new “eight” is beyond the scope of our review, therefore, confine ourselves to generalities. For example, the fact that although the OS release is scheduled for September, things can change and release could be delayed or – vice versa – accelerated (in the spirit of Microsoft). And while Lenovo will have to wrestle with what to do with the announcement of the date of commencement of sales Yoga: leave everything as is, or move? In the latter case, we can either get a “raw” or is it behind the product.

While this is true not only Lenovo – in such a trap, were all producers who rely on the exact time release of the new operating system and is planning their new products based on this.

To live well with the hybrid?

The question is, who and what device you may need – this is the main issue when it comes to devices, not just as unusual, but also on any purchase at all. Although this hybrid, this question concerns, in particular. As we mentioned at the outset, the buyer usually chooses between the tablet and laptop (netbook ultrabukom). Chooses, because the goals and objectives of these devices totally different.

However, their combination into one super-gadget does not seem such a bad idea if you think about. He can find a lot of applications – such as a tablet, he is perfect for surfing and watching movies on the road, and if you need to work – then turn – and a full ultrabuk your service.

But, on the other hand, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is contraindicated in those people who definitely want a tablet, and decided to buy a hybrid, “just in case a sudden come in handy.” Perhaps it is useful, but maybe not – but with a face like a buyer, and this – has repeatedly mentioned dimensions of the device. It’s one thing to buy a seven-or ten-compact tablet with a thickness of one millimeter, and the other – to buy something that is better than category average tablet size by half, and it does not matter, everything else is handy someday.

But the same can not be said otherwise, if you decide to buy a ultrabuk, then definitely you should pay attention to Yoga. Because buying this hybrid, you’ll get fat and not healthy plate and ultrabuk with extended capabilities. No wonder that Lenovo calls this device “multi-mode laptop” – though they are slightly wrong with a precise definition, but the vision of the company the right gadget.

The second strong argument “for” – is the price of the device, which is comparable to that of the majority ultrabukov. The producer will release the IdeaPad Yoga at a price of U.S. $ 1,000, and the recommended retail price for the unit is $ 1199. And it is relatively inexpensive – compared with other ultrabukami that offer the same price less opportunities.

However, the “suggested retail price” does not mean that all retailers will rush to follow it. This applies especially to Russia, where mobile technology is traditionally more expensive than in Europe and the USA. Therefore, the sale of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga can be expected at about 45 thousand rubles – which is comparable to top-end configurations ultrabukov and affects a class of compact notebooks such as Dell Z14 .

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