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Symbian Phones – Nokias

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If you are a Nokia User & Facing troubles with it then don’t worry I can help you figure out solution for Memory Boost & a lot more tools compatible with Symbian

Memory Boost

You need to take care of your internal & external memory. Heavy media files on your internal memory can cause the slowdown of your cell phone

You should download the ‘Memory Up’ tool from to boost your Memory

Tools you need

Get the following software from the link given below:

  • Jubble – cleans registry, application, settings & cache memory
  • Sterlize – cleans registry, applications, settings, widgets, maps, personal folders, patches, thumbnails & more
  • Thumbkiller – cleans thumbnails & index files
  • QuickDefrag, Quickbak,Fullbak,FullDefrag,Registry restore,Symfix,Uninstaller
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    2 thoughts on “Symbian Phones – Nokias

    1. Dear letsbyte
      i own nokia C6 phone i have downloaded symbiantool but but when i clicked the installer.exe it doesnt opens massage appears file is not in supported format please guide me through

      Awaiting Reply

      Samrat T Deshmukh
      cell no 9421627060

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for your query!
        After downloading the software, havent you tried installing it on your computer. Because it needs to installed on the computer then you need to connect your phone to the computer & the install the rest using the symbian tool software.
        The software is in combined language (italian & english)
        Try downloading & installing the software again on your computer.
        Let me know?

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