Samsung introduced a set of hardware to upgrade TVs

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Samsung has introduced a set of hardware upgrade Evolution Kit for TV Smart TV in 2012. It was first shown at last year’s CES, and this time the Korean Corporation has brought to the exhibition a full production version of the Evolution Kit. With the help of the previous model series TVs can be upgraded to a 2013 model year.

Evolution Kit

Evolution Kit is a separate module that connects to the receiver box through a special port. According to the company, by increasing the CPU and graphics cards, as well as expand memory buyers of last year’s Smart TV will be able to experience the performance of new televisions with applications while watching TV. In addition, Samsung has improved the management functions with voice commands and gestures.

At CES, Koreans will also show improvements in the user interface – Smart Hub. Version 2013 will have new simplified UI with five themed interactive screens that open consumers to access services such as broadcast TV programs in real time, on-demand video, applications, web browser, etc. When installing the TV Evolution Kit previous interface Smart Hub will be replaced by version 2013.

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