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Google offers free QuickOffice for Google Apps users

Google has released a free app for iPad, which allows business users to edit their company documents using Microsoft Office. New offer by Google is free a Quickoffice iPad App for the tablet. Google bought QuickOffice manufacturer in June in a campaign to develop its own cloud product offerings and increasing competition for Microsoft.


Google said in its blog that the company offers Tablet QuickOffice for free for commercial users of Google Apps and its own cloud office products, Google based processing of documents, e-mail, spreadsheets and presentations. The new version has several improvements for QuickIffice, in particular, it supports the latest version, Microsoft Office, and can work with cloud storage service Google Drive.

Simultaneously with the launch of new offers for iOS from Google, in the industry for almost a year rumors about that it can run a version of Microsoft Word and Excel on iPad, although the company still denies it. According to the latest wave of rumors, the release of iPad-version of MS Office will take place in the first half of next year. Recall that the paid version of QuickOffice application costs $9.99.

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