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CES 2013: Asus will release a flexible tablet in 2013

Asus has officially confirmed that in the first quarter of 2013 it will release a tablet of the “new generation” with sensors from the company Atmel. The new technology of this manufacturer named XSense it is possible to produce sensors for touch screen, which can bend and fold.

asus flexible tablet

If Asus will actually act on the plan, it is quite possible that we will soon see the tablet (and in the future in other devices), which can be bent. At the moment, Atmel can produce sensors with a maximum diagonal of 32 inches – and this is quite enough for the Tablet PC. By the way, in the future it plans to increase the size. In any case, the first manufacturers to have a lot of work to debug the compatibility of such a decision, for example, with Gorilla Glass, etc.

Among the advantages of XSense are:

  • Flexibility
  • Low surface resistance
  • Narrow, which should provide a large area, which can be used directly
  • Connection of small size
  • The ability to produce fairly large device
  • The accuracy of the touchscreen and the ability to use a stylus
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