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ARM: Android-smartphones and tablets to cost $100

According to the Executive Director of ARM Dipesh Patel, the price remains the main obstacle holding back the growth in popularity of tablets and smartphones running Android. ¬ęShould offer more affordable device,” – says Patel.

“Only five out of the seven billion people living on Earth have cell phones, and only a billion – smartphones,” – said a top manager of a leading developer and licensor of architecture 32-bit RISC-processor. According to him, the bar at $100 for a smartphone will allow many to access the Internet.

As for the tablet, then, believes Patel 100-dollar device can be constructed on the basis of four-core processors, having a 7-inch screen, 512 MB ??RAM and 16 GB of internal memory and support for Wi-Fi.

It should be noted that ARM regularly raises the issue of cheap and productive smartphones and tablets: in 2011, the company CEO, for example, predicted the mass production in 2013.

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