28-nm processors Qualcomm Snapdragon – 2,5-GHz and 4 cores in early 2012

Qualcomm has confirmed that it intends to begin shipping next-generation processors Snapdragon Series S4 our partners at the end of this year. This information is reported, senior vice president of product management for Cristiano Amon in the event Innovation Qualcomm in Istanbul.

Chips operating at speeds up to 2.5GHz, there may be a smartphone as early as next year, possibly in February, by the time the largest phone trade show in the world Mobile World Congress. By the time the market should also appear the first smartphone based on the 4-core system on a chip NVIDIA Kal-El.

28-nm chips S4 family can offer 2 – or 4-core graphics Adreno, 1, 2 or 4 CPU core architecture Krait, working at an impressive rate of up to 2.5 GHz, which is almost twice as high compared to today’s most powerful chips, ARM. However, such high frequency is achieved, for sure, only a 1 – or 2-core chips. Also S4 series processors will support the encoding and decoding video in Full HD and 3G and LTE.

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor can be found in many modern smartphones and tablets from companies such as HTC, RIM, LG, Samsung and Motorola. Leaking before the Web company’s plans indicated that the first 28-nm processors the company will not leave so soon, so that the company’s announcement surprised many. The transition to 28-nm process and a new architecture will not only seriously increase productivity but also reduce power consumption.

Qualcomm said that the S4 series chips can be optimized for different devices – next year we should see a 2-core MSM8960 and 4-core versions APQ8064 new 28-nm architecture Snapdragon S4 in computers and tablets, Windows 8.

In August, Qualcomm noted that its 28-nanometer chips (we are obviously talking about the most powerful 4-core) will provide support for smartphones and Tablet OpenCL and capacity comparable to the PS3. It will be interesting to see it in practice next year. However, not all limited to mere efficiency. So CEO Paul Jacobs (Paul Jacobs), said: “This is not about how many cores, or gigabytes, but how well optimized system.”

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