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Pinterest buys culinary service Punchfork

Pinterest launched a corporate M & A-strategy and this week announced the acquisition of service Punchfork, which is a network aggregator for recipes. Neither Pinterest or Punchfork have reported the transaction value, but its conditions are completely closed, the founder of the service, Jeff Miller goes to work at Pinterest. Recall that the photographic social service Pinterest was launched in 2008 and since then this is its first acquisition.


Punchfork service collects a variety of recipes and culinary works with many projects in the network. In its organization, he recalled Pinterest, but here instead photo recipes. Here, users can also specify materials they need, what kind of food would they cook and quantity for the most appropriate solution.

Among the most prominent competitors of Punchfork could be personal service recipes like Evernote Food, the latter being previously used API of Punchfork for organizing their own search. Punchfork creators say that their development can be not only idle trinkets, but also a great help for those people who for various reasons have to have a special diet, such as athletes, vegetarians, diabetics, etc etc.

Pinterest says that they intend to fully integrate Punchfork in its own platform and convert it to 100% of its own API. The service claims that Punchfork site will eventually be closed, but all its functionality will be saved, of course in a different form.

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