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Social Fixer: improve your Facebook interface and filter messages

Social Fixer – free browser extension that improves the interface of Facebook, removing him from the many annoying details, adding all sorts of useful functionality and enhancements. For example, you can add tabs (tabs) in the news feed. All messages are separated by tabs, making it easy to navigate.


Raisin Social Fixer – filtering messages for a variety of parameters. Here you can specify in which folder they are sent.



There are different themes to change beyond recognition interface: the colors, layouts, styles, and system image.


Another handy feature is Social Fixer – zoom images when you hover the cursor.



Social Fixer – one of the oldest and most reputable extensions for Facebook. It is being developed since 2009, and recently released version 7.801, has the version number tells about the great work being done by the author Matt Kruse (Matt Kruse).

According to the author, are now expanding from 500 thousand to 1 million people, and the mailing list signed by 1.4 million subscribers.

For four years, Cruz has not added in the expansion of advertising or some other method of monetization. He says that it has repeatedly appealed to the proposals to build advertising scripts, but each such proposal is technically possible to use the function for malicious purposes, and he does not want to put people at risk.

Social Fixer is available for browsers Firefox, Chrome (19 +), Safari, Opera 11 + and framework for Greasemonkey, in which you can execute custom scripts on arbitrary sites.

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