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Facebook will have hashtags

Apparently, the social network Facebook has decided to adopt from its rival one very interesting feature: hashtags. And yes, it will be stolen from Twitter. this innovation will allow Facebook users to easily index the topic, looking events and news that are of interest to them.

facebook hashtags

Hashtags, in fact, is not only a feature of Twitter but also of the social network Google+. They are present in the application on Instagram, which Facebook bought last year. The introduction of these elements will be the logical evolution of a new search engine Graph Search. If you now search in Facebook it is limited to data available on request from friends or found nearby, in the future it will be easy to go to different public offices, united desired theme.

It’s not clear how soon Facebook¬†would implement hashtags¬†and whether it is going to do it at all. In other words, we have no official confirmation yet, we have to wait for more information.

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