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Facebook – Add photos using drag and drop

In addition to the changes in the privacy policy, making it possible to ensure the delivery of personal messages for a small fee, the world’s largest social network Facebook is noted by a number of interesting innovations. In particular, it adds the ability to upload and share multiple photos at once by drag-and-drop, long familiar to computer users. Making it easier to create photo albums in Facebook.

According to Facebook, a new user interface with the appropriate functionality will also be available for Timeline Cover Photo and message, and its launch is due to take place in the near future. Another important change in the interface will be the deployment of the Facebook About, Friends and Photos on the same page and getting rid of the relevant page of thumbnails on Timeline.

Thus, a single document, which users can scroll to About, Friends and Photos in one click and easily scroll through instead of jumping from page to page. Similarly, the simplified and the system posts on Timeline, where all messages are now merged into one chronological stream. This feature in Facebook is still in testing phase.

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