Google AdWords reporting

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Google AdWords announced a number of changes to the service. One of the main innovations – a new way to display the reports received by the share of impressions (the number of impressions received advertiser referred to the possible number of impressions for your ad.)

The updated version of the number of requests received and the proportion of hits is shown in two different columns. Advertisers available segmentation by time of day to help you understand the most effective period of outreach. Now it is possible to apply various filters, see schedules and use automated rules to that of the proportion of impressions received in the renovation improved the accuracy of calculation of various indicators.

Share of available impressions – very useful metric for marketers, it allows you to evaluate the most effective, and vice versa, the worst run campaigns and ads, and advertising plan in such a way that it provides maximum coverage. Analysis of the most effective ads will help advertisers apply successful practices to the rest of the advertisement.

Information on the share Impression was available in AdWords in the old form, old version will run until February 2013, when it was shut off completely. In order to transfer your data from the old format to the new, follow the steps that will be offered by the system.