Bing test a new interface on SERPs

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As informs this edition of Search Engine Land, Search Engine Bing began testing a new page design with the results of issue. According to the editorial offices, the new interface SERP – a sleek, fresh and well structured.

The main changes are the following:

  • the new interface removed the vertical tabs
  • expanded both the upper and lower search string;
  • changed the look of the button “Search”;
  • of the title have been removed some “extra” links;
  • Information about the region is no longer displayed on the page SERP;
  • to describe user preferences instead of text labels are now used graphical icons;
  • In addition, the SERP page displays the name of an authorized user, and even his avatar;
  • related inquiries now can be found under the search string (previously they were located in the left pane, under the logo Bing).

Here is the updated SERP Bing:

And this is how the search results page with Bing looked like the old design:

On a same note the following: if we start from the images of interfaces provided by the screenshots, it can be argued that the issue has become more personalized Bing.

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